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8 Reusable Grocery Bags That Will Help You Say Goodbye to Plastic

Whenever you can’t take much more of the towering pile of plastic bags that quickly accumulate in your house it is time to invest in some reusable grocery bags

Not every reusable bag is created equal. Be prepared for any situation with these 8 different bags. This list is here to help you make some of the best choices when it comes to investing in a reusable bag that makes zero-waste grocery shopping much easier to handle. 

The typical plastic reusable grocery bags that you conveniently find at a check stand is a great place to start when switching to reusable bags. But they are still plastic bags that will not decompose when thrown away. 

Choosing a cotton bag is the next best solution because it takes less time to decompose. But the all-around best materials are always going to be organic cotton, linen, or hemp. These natural materials do not require harmful pesticides or chemicals to grow or produce. 

Conventional cotton is a large contributor to air and water pollution that is proven to harm our health of us and our planet. So whenever we can choose organic cotton over conventional cotton that is going to be the best choice. But these are just tips to keep in mind because any reusable grocery bag is going to be better than nothing.

1. Extra Large Organic Cotton Totes

An extra-large organic cotton bag is functional for many different scenarios. They work best when you need to haul a lot of groceries. The added benefit is that they are durable and easy to wash. Once you use them just throw them in with your normal load of laundry.

2. Net Bags

Net bags are practical, stylish, and affordable. These bags are great for carrying produce. They also can stretch and hold a lot for a small bag. If you are running errands around town these bags are great to throw your wallet, keys, and phone in. And when you make an impulse run to the supermarket or any other kind of store, then you can stuff whatever you find in this bag. Also, as an added bonus these bags are compact enough to pack in your suitcase when traveling. 

3. Produce Bags 

In the produce section, you have two options. Add items loosely to your cart or bring some reusable produce bags. Make sure to bring various sizes so you are prepared for every kind of produce item, big or small. These bags can also be used in the bulk food section. 

There are two styles you can buy which are either a net bag or a full-coverage muslin bag. Both styles can be found in washable organic cotton material. Net bags are great if you are storing produce in your fridge because then you can see what you have. But your produce will last longer in the fridge with a full-coverage cotton bag. 

4. Baggu Purse Bags 

Remember to bring your reusable grocery bags with you can be challenging. But if you stuff a few of these compact bags in your purse or backpack then you are well prepared even when you forget your other bags in the car. These bags are also the perfect bag to pack when you are traveling. 

Baggu bags are made of recycled materials such as plastic water bottles and the design is easy to wash.  This brand also specializes in reusable grocery bags of all kinds and sizes. Make sure you check out their full line to find what works best for you.

5. Foldable Bags

Foldable cloth boxes with carrying handles are well-designed bag that keeps your groceries neat and in place. This style receives rave reviews from customers at the grocery store just because they are so easy to use. They even come in handy beyond the grocery store for camping or beach days or even when you are moving. This is one handy reusable bag that everyone will love.

6. Grocery Cart Bags

Attach these nifty bags to your grocery cart. This pack of 4 reusable grocery bags is handy for when you are buying a lot of groceries all at once. It helps you stay organized and it makes checking out and bagging your groceries a much simpler process.

7. Insulated Bags 

Keeping your groceries cold is essential for many situations. Whether it is a long commute home or a hot summer day. These bags are always a good idea to keep on hand. This style is also made out of recycled water bottles.

8. Bread Bags

If you ask the bakery at your supermarket you can often use your own bag when buying a fresh loaf of bread. With this brand of reusable bread bags, you can buy a bag that fits any style of bread. A baguette, round loaf, sandwich loaf, etc. 

Harmful plastic bags

Plastic bags can be harmful to the environment and wildlife in several ways.


They are made from non-biodegradable materials, which means they do not break down naturally over time. Instead, they can persist in the environment for hundreds of years, creating litter and pollution in oceans, rivers, and on land.


Plastic bags are often lightweight and can easily be blown away by the wind, leading to litter and pollution in the surrounding area. This can harm wildlife, which may ingest or become entangled in plastic bags.


The production of plastic bags requires significant amounts of fossil fuels, which contributes to climate change and other environmental issues.


The disposal of plastic bags can also create problems. If they are not properly disposed of in a landfill, they may end up in waterways or other natural habitats, causing harm to wildlife and the environment.

To reduce the harmful impacts of plastic bags, it is important to reduce, reuse, and recycle them. Many communities have implemented programs to ban or charge for the use of plastic bags in stores, while others encourage the use of reusable bags made from sustainable materials.

Choose reusable grocery shopping bags!

Ultimately this list of reusable grocery store bags gives you many options so you can find the most functional styles that work best for you. Having many options also helps prepare you for any situation so you can become better equipped for a zero-waste lifestyle that will help you say goodbye to plastic grocery bags. 

What are the benefits of using reusable grocery bags?

Using reusable grocery bags helps reduce plastic waste and protects the environment. Reusable bags are also more durable and can hold more items, making them a more practical choice for grocery shopping. Additionally, some stores offer discounts or incentives for bringing your own bags.

It's time to invest in reusable grocery bags
It’s time to invest in reusable grocery bags