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Welcome to Infogrocery!

Hello, my name is Nuno. You and I likely have one thing in common — a busy lifestyle involving frequent food shopping. Still, I’m not like some folks who meander the grocery aisles. I like to be efficient. Is that your approach too?

Since my two children were born, I’ve grown more concerned about food nutrition. Now, I’m choosing healthier fare to help my family stay well.

From my Internet research, many people are also shifting to eating wholesomely. Plus, they want to find grocery items fast, whether shopping in stores or online. So, being a web developer, I created a blog to help people accomplish these two goals.

Touring Infogrocery

Here’s an overview of our site design. At the top of each webpage, you’ll see three menus for article topics. Below is a sampling of posts they contain.

Food – Here, you’ll read about headlining foods, such as quinoa, almond milk, and hemp hearts. Currently, categories include spices, seeds, grains, nuts, legumes, beverages, and fermented fare. Some articles highlight the best brands of certain products, their average prices, or cost-saving tips. Also presented are staple items that can be hard to find in supermarkets, such as breadcrumbs and pesto.

Grocery Stores – This section spotlights quality food retailers in the US and Asia. Some sellers have both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Presently, topics include store hours, layouts, and avoiding the pitfalls that lead to overbuying.

Grocery Shopping – Breeze through supermarkets by learning time-saving tips from these articles. Meanwhile, you’ll become more discerning. For instance, you’ll learn how to interpret food expiration terms, such as Sell By, Use By, and Best Before. In the US, food labels are transitioning to a more practical format. We explain the changes.

Other Site Features

When you reach the end of an article, you’ll see links to other posts on related subjects. Since I broach new topics regularly, our “online library” is always expanding.

In some articles, we provide links to sellers of high-quality items, such as Amazon.com. Additionally, while browsing our website, you may see advertisements. Buying products through Amazon and clicking on ads will generate cookies. For details on these and other site operations, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Awesome Food Finds

I’m eager to acquaint you with novel foods, many of which can enhance your health. I’m also excited about sharing where to find them, sparing you from hunting through grocery stores and the Web.

Check out Infogrocery for the scoop on trending foods!