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Bean Sprouts in the Grocery Store: Where to Find & Buy

Finding bean sprouts in the grocery store used to mean a walk through the produce department, but not anymore.

Let’s look at where to buy bean sprouts. We’ll also see why you can hardly get fresh ones anywhere.

Where To Find Bean Sprouts In The Grocery Store

You’re probably wasting your time looking by the fresh veggies. You’ll see why later.

So, about canned bean sprouts? They should be with other canned vegetables, right?

Well, sometimes they are. It depends on the store. But this item is usually considered ethnic food. That’s because they’re used so much in Asian dishes.

Big chain grocery stores generally have a special aisle for ethnic food. The type of food that’s featured in that grocery aisle depends on where you live and the people that live there with you.

You’ll find all kinds of delicious and interesting food in this aisle. Someday you should try the tamales and pig’s feet.

Anyway, check for canned bean sprouts near other Asian foods in the ethnic aisle. If it’s not there, look further down in the aisle by the canned greens.

How Bean Sprouts Are Sold

What kind of sprouts are you looking for? There’s fresh and canned. Soybeans, alfalfa, and mung bean sprouts are the most popular in most areas.

Fresh Sprouts

Almost no big chain grocery stores sell fresh bean sprouts anymore. There are two main reasons for this. We’ll talk about them after we take a better look at canned sprouts.

When you actually can find the fresh ones, they’ll be in the produce department by the greens and fresh herbs.

Canned Sprouts

Almost all bean sprouts sold today come in a can. They’re packed with water and salt. Ascorbic acid is added to protect the color. Some brands add citric acid as a preservative.

They’re pretty cheap compared to fresh ones. A 14-ounce can of sprouts usually costs around $1.50. That’s on par with most other canned vegetables.

You can easily find canned sprouts at nearly all grocery stores. If you can’t find them at your favorite shop, talk to the manager and ask if they’ll consider selling them.

Lay Choy Bean Sprouts

La Choy Bean Sprouts is the most common brand that you cand find at most of the stores:

But what if you just can’t find bean sprouts at the grocery store? Well, there’s always Amazon. But it’ll take a couple of days before they’re delivered. Try a substitute in the meantime.

Boiled cabbage strips can take the place of canned sprouts in most recipes. Carrots prepared the same way will work in a pinch.

Where To Buy Bean Sprouts

Pretty much all chain grocery stores sell canned sprouts.

Smaller stores may not have them. They aren’t big sellers. If you do find them in a smaller store, check the expiration date on the can.

All Asian stores sell sprouts. They often have a better variety. You should check out an Asian market’s sprout selection when you get a chance.

But what about fresh sprouts? No chain markets really sell them anymore.

First, they never liked selling them, to begin with. Sprouts wilt quickly. People don’t like wilted sprouts. That means a lot of sprouts would get thrown away. No store wants to lose money like that.

Here’s the big thing: Alfalfa sprouts started to turn up contaminated.

You see, it takes a warm and moist environment to sprout beans. That’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Germs like E. coli and Salmonella can be deadly.

The chain stores wanted to protect their customers and get ahead of government regulations. So they stopped selling fresh sprouts.

Your best bet to find them is to look at a Korean market.

If you really want fresh ones but can’t find them, try using thinly sliced celery instead. It has the same crunch and a similar taste.

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Be careful if you do find fresh bean sprouts. Never eat them if they are slimy or smell funny.

In Conclusion

Now it’s time to visit your local store! You know where to find bean sprouts in the grocery store right?

Are there any safety concerns when buy sprouts at a grocery store?

Yes, there are some safety concerns to consider when buying sprouts. Sprouts can sometimes be contaminated with harmful bacteria like E. coli or salmonella, so it’s important to purchase them from a reputable source and to store and handle them properly.

Let’s look at where to buy bean sprouts. We’ll also see why you can hardly get fresh ones anywhere.
Let’s look at where to buy bean sprouts. We’ll also see why you can hardly get fresh ones anywhere.