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Boost Your Workout Recovery with FUNDAMINOS Vegan BCAA + EAA Powder

The FUNDAMINOS Vegan BCAA + EAA Powder is a top-notch all-natural amino acid supplement designed to support muscle recovery, post-workout nutrition, and overall health. With its unique blend of vegan essential and BCAA amino acids, this product promises to provide the necessary protein synthesis and energy boost your body needs. Let’s dive deeper into my personal experience with this product.

As an avid cyclist, I have been searching for a supplement that can help me recover faster and reduce muscle soreness. After trying the FUNDAMINOS Vegan BCAA + EAA Powder, I am happy to say that it has exceeded my expectations. Mixing it with my electrolytes, I have noticed a significant improvement in the recovery of my legs. I no longer experience intense muscle soreness after my rides, allowing me to push myself further and achieve better results. The taste of this product is also quite pleasant, making it an enjoyable post-workout drink.

Vegan Essential & BCAA Amino Acids

The FUNDAMINOS Vegan BCAA + EAA Powder is a game-changer when it comes to boosting your energy, recovery, muscle strength, and overall health. With its organic and all-natural amino energy supplements, this product provides the necessary protein synthesis for effective active daily nutrition. Whether you’re looking for a great pre-workout or a protein powder alternative, FUNDAMINOS has got you covered. It helps in muscle repair and restoration after intense workouts, ensuring that you can continue to push your limits. Plus, with its 100% natural plant-based protein, you can fuel your body with clean energy without any artificial ingredients or fillers.

Boosted with CherryPURE & ActiGIN

What sets FUNDAMINOS apart from other BCAA/EAA powders is its unique blend of tart cherry and ginseng superfood extracts. These additional ingredients enhance nutrient absorption and muscle recovery, allowing your body to make the most out of every scoop. By providing your body with the essential building blocks of protein, FUNDAMINOS supports better body boost with pure clean protein sourced from 100% plants. Say goodbye to post-workout soreness and hello to quicker muscle rejuvenation with this premium-quality blend.

Doctor Formulated with Clinical Research

When it comes to your nutrition, you want a product that you can trust. FUNDAMINOS is a clinically-proven and trusted supplement formulated by Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D. With only natural ingredients, this product starts rebuilding and restoring your cells in as little as 15 minutes. It not only supports muscle recovery but also helps curb hunger and cravings with its low-calorie content. Backed by scientific research and formulated by an expert in the field, FUNDAMINOS is a reliable choice for those seeking optimum nutrition.

Perfect Plant-Protein with Value

FUNDAMINOS provides 2X the amino acid support and 2X the servings compared to the top-selling BCAA powder brand. With its superior quality and higher value, this product promises to deliver optimum results with each scoop. Unlike other vegan BCAA/EAA powders made from unconventional sources like duck feathers or human hair, FUNDAMINOS is made with 100% natural plant protein. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re fueling your body with a clean and sustainable protein source that aligns with your dietary preferences.

Guaranteed Premium Quality & Best Ingredients

At FUNDAMINOS, quality is not compromised. This product is made with the best ingredients and is 3rd party tested for soy-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. It is also paleo and keto-friendly, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary needs. With no chemicals or artificial ingredients, FUNDAMINOS ensures that you’re getting the highest quality and best flavor natural amino acid powder on the market. Just mix it with water, and you’re ready to fuel your body with optimum protein nutrition, whether you’re on the go, at home, or pre/post-exercise.

Product Reviews – Real Experiences

Customers who have tried FUNDAMINOS have nothing but positive things to say about their experiences. From improved recovery to better taste, this product has made a difference in their fitness journey. Users have reported reduced soreness, enhanced performance during workouts, and faster recovery times. They appreciate the natural and fruity flavor, as well as the fact that FUNDAMINOS is made from high-quality ingredients. These real-life testimonials highlight the effectiveness of FUNDAMINOS and the trust that customers have in this product.


  • Vegan Essential & BCAA Amino Acids
  • Boosted with CherryPURE & ActiGIN
  • Doctor Formulated with Clinical Research


  • Taste takes some getting used to
  • Not USP approved
  • Higher price point compared to other options

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In conclusion, I highly recommend the FUNDAMINOS Vegan BCAA + EAA Powder to anyone looking to enhance their workout recovery and overall performance. Not only does it provide the essential amino acids needed for muscle repair, but it also contains natural ingredients like CherryPURE and ActiGIN, which aid in nutrient absorption and faster recovery. The fact that this product is doctor-formulated and backed by clinical research further adds to its credibility. With its premium quality and great taste, the FUNDAMINOS Vegan BCAA + EAA Powder is a reliable and effective supplement that I trust and will continue to use in my fitness journey.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is Fundaminos suitable for vegans?

Answer: Yes, Fundaminos is a vegan amino acid supplement made with 100% natural plant protein.

Question: How quickly does Fundaminos start working?

Answer: Fundaminos begins rebuilding and restoring cells with essential protein within as little as 15 minutes.

Question: Is Fundaminos safe for people with dietary restrictions?

Answer: Yes, Fundaminos is soy-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. It is also paleo and keto-friendly.