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Buying Mustard Greens: Essential Guide

Buying mustard greens - grocery guide

There are a few things to consider when you’re buying mustard greens. These leafy greens are tasty and are quite affordable when compared to many other types of greens. This is especially true when you buy them in season.

Mustard greens are a traditional southern dish but are also used in many ethnic cuisines. Use these tips and information to help you choose the best mustard greens based on how you plan to use them.

These greens come in various types which can change the taste and texture greatly. Consider the way you plan to use the mustard greens when choosing the right ones to purchase. They are relatively affordable when compared to other types of greens, especially when purchased in season.

Things to look for when buying mustard greens

Fresh mustard greens should be leafy with a bright green color. Avoid buying wilted greens as they won’t have as much flavor and will have a very short shelf life. If you buy very fresh greens, they can keep for several days in your refrigerator before use.

When buying canned mustard greens or other types of packaged greens, be sure to read the ingredients so you know what additives or seasonings they include.

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How mustard greens are sold

Mustard greens are sold in several different ways. You can often find fresh mustard greens at some supermarkets and grocery retailers. They are plentiful when they are in season and are very affordable.

Most fresh mustard greens will be sold in bunches based on their weight. They may also be sold in plastic bags. Canned mustard greens are also available and are a great option when you can’t find fresh ones. They may come seasoned or not-seasoned depending on the brand.

Lastly, you can actually buy pickled mustard greens which can come in a package, can, or jar.

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Cost of mustard greens

Mustard greens are relatively cheap when compared to other types of greens, especially when they are in season. You can buy them by the pound or the bunch, depending on where you purchase them. Fresh mustard greens can cost as little as $1 per pound.

How to buy mustard greens

Keep in mind that organically grown greens can cost significantly more. Canned mustard greens can vary greatly in cost based on how they are prepared. Fermented mustard greens can cost as much as $3 per ounce.

Where are they grown and when are they in season

Mustard greens prefer full sun and they can grow in many climates. They do well in hotter areas where there is a longer growing season because you can actually usually get 2 crops per year.

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In many areas, mustard greens are in season during spring and fall. They are also grown in many Asian countries and you can often get pickled and fermented mustard greens imported from Thailand and other areas.

Where to buy mustard greens

Mustard greens are readily available at most grocery stores. They can be found in the produce section. They are usually in a bundle but may also be packaged in a plastic bag. Fresh mustard greens can also be found at farmer’s markets where you can likely buy as much or as little as you need.

Canned mustard greens are also available in most stores, ethnic markets, and online. In-store, they can be found in the canned vegetable aisle. Be sure to read labels when shopping online to compare ingredients and prices.

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Many canned and fermented greens are imported which means the labels may not be in English.

If you choose to purchase your mustard greens from an ethnic grocer, you can ask questions to get useful information so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Other tips and information

Keep in mind that like all greens, mustard greens cook down a lot so it’s important to buy more than you think you need based on how they look pre-cooked. Mustard greens can be used as a side or garnish. They are also healthy and full of vitamins.

Buying fresh mustard greens is pretty straightforward and simple. But when it comes to preserved greens in cans or packages, there are some things to consider. Some may have exotic spices or seasonings. They may be spicy or very sour so it’s important to read the labels carefully to know exactly what you’re buying.

Mustard greens are popular in many ethnic cuisines including Thai, African, and other Asian countries. They are also a staple in traditional southern cooking. Mustard greens can be purchased fresh when they are in season.

They are also available in a can or other package. They are quite affordable and have a spicey and bitter taste which can add a lot of flavor to your dishes. You can buy them fresh or packaged which means they are a super versatile leafy vegetable to always have on hand.

How to pick mustard greens?

When selecting mustard greens, look for leaves that are crisp and fresh-looking. Avoid leaves that are yellowing, wilted, or have brown spots. You can also check the stems to make sure they are firm and not dried out.