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Buying Smoked Salmon Anywhere – Grocery Shopper’s Guide

This guide for grocery shoppers will show you where to find the best-smoked salmon in your area.

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You can find out which grocery stores are the most likely to carry smoked salmon and then check out online options that will allow you to get it delivered right to your front door as quickly as possible.

Smoked Salmon can be used in many dishes from classic seafood to sushi, to poke! Though you may only think it is available at specialty fish restaurants, there are many places to find smoked salmon in the grocery store or online.

Is Smoked Salmon Produced in the United States?

It might not be the most sought-after seafood product, but it can be found in large chain stores, specialty markets, and seafood kitchens.

Smoked salmon is typically produced in Atlantic countries, including Norway and Canada. Pacific smoked salmon may be produced and shipped out from states like Oregon, Alaska, and California. You can find it pre-smoked or have it cooked fresh for your dinner table.

How Much Does Smoked Salmon Cost?

Smoked salmon is not uncommon, but it can sometimes be difficult to find. Salmon can also be more expensive than other seafood products or ready-made products. A can of smoked salmon or a package may cost you as high as $20 or as little as $8. Frozen smoked salmon can be more or less expensive depending on the quantity and the brand. 

Where To Buy Smoked Salmon: In-Store or Online Options

It is still possible to find frozen and canned smoked salmon, no matter how much it is consumed by meat-eaters. There are three main ways to get smoked salmon fast:

Local Grocery Store

Smoked salmon is more likely to be available in your local supermarket as it is in high demand, particularly among seafood lovers and health enthusiasts. Even if it isn’t fished in your area, you can still import fresh salmon from your local grocery store.

Farmers Market

If you live in a seaside town or somewhere near the beach, you might be able to luck out with a local farmer’s market. There may be local fishermen who provide fresh-caught salmon and smoked salmon bundles that you can get for a great price.

Online Options

If you can’t find fresh smoked salmon in your local grocery store, you can order it online. Many grocery stores offer online shopping as well as individual shipped packages of smoked salmon. Many brands allow you to easily buy smoked salmon online that will be freshly boxed up for you.

Where Can I Find Smoked Salmon at the Grocery Store?

fresh smoked salmon

You can narrow your search if you are having luck finding smoked salmon in your area. These are great places to find smoked salmon at your local supermarket.

Near the Deli Meats

Smoked salmon is often prepared and sold fresh, so you might find it with the other catches of the day. If your grocer has a deli or a butcher section, that should be a great place to check for smoked salmon.

Frozen Section

Frozen smoked salmon can also be purchased in our frozen food section. It will be found near other frozen canned goods. It may be found in a bag or a frozen box.

In Conclusion

Smoked salmon can be bought whole or frozen at your local grocery. If you are not able to find smoked salmon in your area, don’t worry. Online options are more than plentiful. No matter where you live, you can enjoy fresh smoked salmon at a moment’s notice!

What is the best place to buy smoked salmon?

The best place to buy smoked salmon is either from a local fish market or a reputable online seafood vendor.

This guide for grocery shoppers will show you where to find the best-smoked salmon in your area.
This guide for grocery shoppers will show you where to find the best-smoked salmon in your area.