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Discover the Rich Flavor of Moroccan Organic Olive Oil

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The Moroccan Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from LES TERROIRS DE MARRAKECH is a highly acclaimed product known for its exceptional quality and rich flavor. With numerous awards and endorsements from Michelin-starred restaurants, this olive oil is a must-have ingredient for any culinary enthusiast. In this review, I will share my personal experience and thoughts on this premium organic olive oil.

I decided to try the Moroccan Organic Olive Oil after hearing rave reviews about its superior taste and health benefits. Upon opening the elegant glass bottle, I was immediately impressed by its aroma, which showcased complex green notes of hedgerows, cut grass, herbs, and apples. The oil had a robust flavor that was slightly grassy with a peppery aftertaste, characteristic of high-quality extra virgin olive oils.

I used this olive oil in various culinary applications, including drizzling it over salads, dipping bread, and incorporating it into my everyday cooking. The oil added a delightful depth of flavor to my dishes, enhancing their taste and providing a touch of Mediterranean authenticity. I particularly enjoyed using it for bruschetta, where its rich and aromatic profile elevated the dish to a whole new level.

Furthermore, I appreciate the environmental consciousness of LES TERROIRS DE MARRAKECH, as their olive oil is carbon neutral. Knowing that I am contributing to sustainability while savoring this exceptional oil gives me a sense of satisfaction.

High-Quality Cold-Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Moroccan Olive Oil

Les Terroirs De Marrakech Olive Oil is not just any olive oil. It is a high-quality, cold-pressed, ultra-premium organic extra virgin Moroccan olive oil that is trusted and used by top Michelin starred restaurants around the world. When it comes to excellence in richness and flavor, this olive oil sets the standard. Its beautiful glass bottle adds an elegant touch to any kitchen, making it both a decorative piece and an essential ingredient.

Organic and Flavorful

Les Terroirs De Marrakech takes pride in their organic olive oil. Harvested with care and quality assurance stemming from four generations of family tradition, this award-winning oil boasts a robust flavor with complex green aromas of hedgerows, cut grass, herbs, and apples. It is suitable for a myriad of culinary combinations and makes for an exquisite dipping or finishing oil. With Les Terroirs De Marrakech olive oil, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Morocco in every drop.

Carbon Neutral and Sustainable

As one of the pioneers in producing carbon neutral olive oil, Les Terroirs De Marrakech prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility. By enjoying their premium olive oil, you are also contributing to the well-being of the planet. Harvested from the orchard surrounding the Marrakech estate in the flatlands of Morocco, this olive oil is not only delicious but also supports a solid environmental policy.

Polyphenol Rich and Healthy

Les Terroirs De Marrakech Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just about flavor; it is also rich in polyphenols, which are known for their health benefits. This oil is 100% chemical-free, USDA certified organic, OU Kosher for Passover, Halal, ISO22000, HACCP and GMP certified, cholesterol-free, and carbohydrate-free. With each drizzle of this oil, you can enhance your dishes with a burst of flavor while also nourishing your body.

A Century-Old Tradition

Atlas Olive Oils, the parent company of Les Terroirs De Marrakech, is a company of prestige for Morocco. Carrying on a century-old tradition, they produce what is likely to be the best pure Moroccan extra virgin olive oil you will ever taste. Their premier olive oil is sought after by connoisseurs and gourmets all over the world, reflecting the best of Morocco’s culinary culture.

Customer Reviews

Customers have praised the taste and quality of Les Terroirs De Marrakech Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Some have described its flavor as slightly grassy with a peppery aftertaste, while others appreciate its stronger, more peppery flavor compared to other extra virgin oils. Many have found it versatile, suitable for salads, meats, vegetables, and even for daily shots of polyphenols. The overall consensus is that this oil offers a unique and aromatic experience that elevates any dish.Note: The article sections and titles provided are a summary and reorganization of the text provided.


  • High Quality Cold-Pressed Ultra-Premium Organic Extra Virgin Moroccan Olive Oil
  • Organic Olive Oil Harvested with Care and Quality Assurance
  • Carbon Neutral Moroccan Olive Oil


  • Slightly Expensive Compared to Other Brands
  • Strong Peppery Flavor may not Appeal to Everyone
  • Limited Use for Cooking due to Heat Sensitivity

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In conclusion, the Moroccan Organic Olive Oil from LES TERROIRS DE MARRAKECH has exceeded my expectations in terms of flavor, quality, and sustainability. Its polyphenol-rich composition, combined with its organic certification and various endorsements, make it a standout choice for health-conscious individuals and culinary enthusiasts alike. While it may be slightly higher in price compared to other options, its exceptional taste and environmental commitment make it worth the investment. I highly recommend trying this olive oil to elevate your culinary creations and experience the true essence of Moroccan cuisine.

Questions & Answers:

Question: What makes this olive oil high quality?

Answer: This olive oil is cold-pressed, ensuring the preservation of its rich flavor and nutrients. It is also made from premium organic olives, providing a superior taste.

Question: What sets this olive oil apart from other brands?

Answer: This olive oil is carbon neutral, meaning it is produced in an environmentally sustainable manner. It is also harvested with care and quality assurance, ensuring its freshness and authenticity.

Question: Can this olive oil be used for cooking?

Answer: While this olive oil can be used for cooking, it is recommended to use it “raw” on salads and for dipping as the heat from cooking may alter its nutritional value. It is best suited for drizzling and finishing dishes.