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Freezer Wine Cup – Freeze Your Wine in Style

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Freezer wine cups, the Set of 2, are a fantastic addition to any wine lover’s collection. These plastic double wall insulated wine cooling glasses are designed to maintain the perfect serving temperature for both red and white wines. With their innovative features and stylish design, they are a must-have accessory for any wine enthusiast.

I have been purchasing freezer mugs for many years, and I must say that the Freezer Wine Cups are the highest quality ones I have come across. Unlike other mugs I have bought in the past, these cups have a thick wall filled with proprietary cooling gel that covers the entire mug, ensuring that my beverage is chilled to perfection. I appreciate the fact that I can leave them in the freezer for several days without any cracks developing. The comfortable silicone band and sturdy construction make them ideal for outdoor use as well.

Perfect Temperature Control for All Wines

Freezer wine cup

Now it is possible to achieve the ideal serving temperature for every wine with the Freezer Wine Cups. Unlike normal wine glasses, these stemless wine tumblers maintain the temperature of your wine better. Whether you prefer red or white wine, this set of 2 wine cool cups ensures that your wine is always at the perfect temperature. The proprietary cooling gel in the insulated walls of these cups acts as a wine chiller when frozen. For white wines, simply pop a plastic insulated wine glass in the freezer, while for red wines, cool them in the fridge to keep them at cellar temperature. With these wine cooling cups, you can enjoy every sip at the right temperature.

Durable and Suitable for Outdoor Use

Freezer wine cup

Perfect for outdoor use, the Freezer Wine Cups are made with high-quality, BPA-free plastic. Their sturdy construction ensures that they can withstand outdoor conditions and won’t easily break. The double-wall insulation, filled with freezing gel, not only keeps your wine chilled but also prevents condensation on the outside of the cups. Plus, the insulated silicone band provides a comfortable grip and adds to the durability of these stemless freezable wine glasses. Whether you’re having a picnic, hosting a barbecue, or enjoying a day at the beach, these wine cups will be your favorite go-to wine accessories.

Freezer wine cup: Innovative Wine Gifts for Women

Freezer wine cup

Look no further than the Freezer Wine Cups if you are searching for a unique gift for a wine lover or mom on Mother’s Day. These self-chilling wine glasses make for innovative and thoughtful gifts. Perfect for any occasion or group event, these freezable wine glasses are sure to impress. Whether it’s a wine tasting party or a relaxing evening at home, these cups will elevate the wine-drinking experience. Show your appreciation and love for the wine enthusiasts in your life with these innovative wine gifts.

Freezer wine cup: High-Quality Freezer Mugs

Freezer wine cup

Here to change your experience with freezer mugs that don’t meet expectations are the Freezer Wine Cups. These mugs are of the highest quality, surpassing other options in the market. Unlike previous purchases with limited liquid coverage or cracking issues, these mugs have the freeze gel contained all along the wall and bottom. The thicker wall and longer-lasting chill result in a beverage that stays cold for a longer period of time. By following the instructions to freeze them for a few hours, these mugs have proven to be durable and crack-free. While they may be slightly more expensive than competing products, their high quality makes them worth the investment.

Freezer wine cup: Keep Your Beverages Extra Cold

Freezer wine cup

With the Freezer Wine Cups, you can bid farewell to lukewarm drinks. These mugs are designed to keep your beverages super cold, whether it’s for milk, beer, or any other cold drink you enjoy. The sturdy construction and efficient freezing gel ensure that your beverage stays cold for an extended period. Perfect for hot summer days or when you want to savor your drink slowly, these cups deliver on their promise to keep your beverages extra cold. Treat yourself and your guests to refreshing and chilled drinks with these freezer mugs.

Freezer wine cup: Sturdy and Attractive Design

Not only do the Freezer Wine Cups excel in functionality, but they also impress with their design. With a comfortable broad handle, these mugs are easy to hold and enjoy your favorite beverages. The attractive design adds a touch of elegance to any gathering or occasion. Made with sturdy materials, these cups can withstand daily use and are built to last. Whether you’re enjoying a can of coke, beer, or cocktails, these mugs will keep your drinks ice-cold and refreshing. With their good looks and reliable performance, they make for great gifts and a must-have addition to your drinkware collection.


  • Achieves the ideal serving temperature for every wine
  • Insulated walls filled with cooling gel for wine chilling
  • Sturdy and suitable for outdoor use


  • Condensation on the outside of the glass
  • Instructions recommend not freezing below 0°F
  • Higher cost compared to cheaper alternatives

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In conclusion, the Freezer Wine Cups are a game-changer when it comes to enjoying wine at the right temperature. The ability to freeze them for white wines or cool them in the fridge for red wines is a fantastic feature. Moreover, their high-quality construction and durability make them worth the investment. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a glass of wine at home, these cups are a must-have. I highly recommend them as a great gift for wine lovers or as a treat for yourself.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does the wine stay chilled in these glasses?

Answer: The wine stays chilled for at least an hour, even in the summer heat.

Question: Can these glasses be used for beverages other than wine?

Answer: Yes, these glasses can also be used to keep beer and cocktails cold.

Question: How many drinks can these glasses keep cold?

Answer: These glasses can keep your drink cold for at least two to three servings, depending on how fast you consume them.