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Where Can I Buy Green Tomatoes? Read These Shopping Tips

Throughout this guide, you will learn how to purchase green tomatoes. You will know what to look for, and you will also learn where you can buy them. Follow along and see how easy it is to shop for green tomatoes.

How to buy green tomatoes

Are you making a special dinner for your family, and the recipe calls for green tomatoes? You probably thought there were only red tomatoes. How to buy green tomatoes at the grocery store?

Before shopping for green tomatoes, you need to know what they look like. It will be easy to spot once you’re familiar with the tomato. You should also know where to purchase green tomatoes, how much they cost, and where they come from. Let’s get started.

What Does a Green Tomato Look Like?

There are specific characteristics that green tomatoes have and how should be aware of. There are also characteristics of a green tomato that is about to turn red. You should know the difference between the two before leaving for the grocery store.

Red vs Green Tomatoes
Ripe Green TomatoesUnripe Green Tomatoes

They’re soft to the touch.
These tomatoes do not provide the total nutrients.
Mature green tomatoes will be a brighter green.Their color is a faded green; you may see spots of red if you look closely.
These green tomatoes will also have faded lines from top to bottom.

Where To Buy Green Tomatoes?

It’s best to know where you can buy green tomatoes before making the trip. This way, you’re not traveling to different locations feeling disappointed if you can’t find your green tomatoes. Where do you purchase them? No need to do the research. We have done that for you.

Below you will find a list of nationwide grocery stores that sells green tomatoes.

  • Farmer’s Markets – You may be aware of the farmer’s markets in your area. They may come to your city either on a Friday or a Saturday. Sometimes the farmer’s market will come for the whole weekend.
  • Kroger’s – You can choose to order a pound of green tomatoes for pick up or delivery at the closest location to where you live.
  • Stop & Shop
  • Walmart – Walmart only sells green tomatoes in a jar.
  • Melissa’s produce – You can also choose online stores like Melissa’s produce.
  • Amazon – Amazon is another online store that sells green tomatoes. They have a few different brands to choose from. The only problem with purchasing green tomatoes online is that you cannot feel them. If they’re soft, that means they’re ready to be eaten and fully ripe.

As you can tell, there are very few places where you can purchase green tomatoes. If you need them for a recipe, remember that you can only purchase them from the places mentioned above during a specific season. The best times to purchase them are the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

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Where Are Green Tomatoes Located in the Stores?

You should be aware of where they are located in the stores. Are they found next to the red tomatoes? Are they located in a jar on the shelf? Are they located in the refrigerator section? In this section, you will find out where you can find them, so you won’t have to waste time walking all over the store.

  • If you purchase them at Walmart, you will find them in the aisle with canned tomatoes. The brand you should look for is Dobrova, and it will say green tomatoes on the jar.
  • In grocery stores, you will find them in the produce aisle. Look for the red tomatoes, and they should be near that area.
  • Don’t go to the refrigerator section. You won’t find the green tomatoes there.

How Much do They Cost?

Price can vary no matter where you purchase them. They may be more expensive online than in the stores because of shipping costs. Green tomatoes could cost as little as 1 dollar or as much as 5 dollars. Below, you will find a few things to think about regarding the cost of green tomatoes.

  • If you purchase green tomatoes online, they could be about 2 dollars. Add 4 dollars to that. A simple 2-dollar item could end up being 6 dollars by having them shipped to your house.
  • Look to see if they are in a jar. If they are in a jar sitting on a shelf, then you might be able to purchase them for 2-3 dollars.
  • How many do you need? Think about how many green tomatoes you need. If you need them for a recipe, you may only need about 2 of them. If that’s the case, they may cost 1-2 dollars.
  • Since they are rare, they may cost more than red tomatoes.

Where do Green Tomatoes Come From?

Green tomato slices

Green tomatoes were first heard of in the Midwestern United States back in 1877. That’s when the first recipe that called for green tomatoes came about. That first recipe was called fried green tomatoes. People were using green tomatoes a lot, especially during the first part of the 20th century.

Unfortunately, the popularity of green tomatoes was rapidly declining. The good news is it regained its popularity in 1991 after a movie was made about green tomatoes. Ever since that movie was released, people all over the world have been using them in their recipes, and have stayed popular.

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In Conclusion

Hopefully, all your questions were answered and you’re a little more familiar with green tomatoes. You’re now aware of where you can buy green tomatoes and when is the best time to get them.

What is the difference between green tomatoes vs red tomatoes?

The main difference between green tomatoes and red tomatoes is their level of ripeness. Green tomatoes are unripe and firm, while red tomatoes are fully ripened and soft.