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How to Buy Spring Roll Rice Wrappers at the Grocery Store?

But learning how to shop for spring roll rice wrappers helps you enhance your menu when your family gets tired of the same old thing week after week

While Amazon is a great place to shop for many items, food is not one of those items. Yes, the prices are great but when it comes to spring roll wrappers, you need to shop for this product at your local grocer.

That way you know what you are getting and the best place to find top spring roll wrappers is at your local Asian markets. Buying original makes the flavor of your spring rolls better tasting.

Where to buy spring roll rice wrappers?

There is a large list of stores where you can buy spring roll wrappers. Amazon is great if you like to shop from the comfort of your home. But if you want the best, go to those stores owned and operated by the people who first made spring roll wrappers.

Asian food markets usually have the best wrappers. However, if there is not an Asian market near you, you can always try Target, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and a host of traditional supermarket brands you have come to trust.

Most of your neighbors love Chinese food so your local grocer will make sure they have plenty of spring roll wrappers in stock to keep their customers happy.

Where to find spring roll rice wrappers in the grocery store?

There are several places you can look for this product. Where you look will depend on which variety you want. Some grocers place these packages near their produce, next to the tofu, tempeh, or mock meats.

Or you may find them in your frozen food section. Frozen items like spring roll wrappers last longer when frozen. If they are not selling your grocer has more time to get rid of them.

The last place to look will be in the international aisle of your supermarket. Spring roll wrappers are an imported item and that is where they usually end up if there is no other empty slot for them.

How are spring roll rice wrappers sold?

When you go looking for this product at your local grocer you should be able to find them with ease. These wrappers are packaged in the same manner as most tortillas or sliced luncheon meat are packaged.

They are placed in plastic sheets that are sealed for freshness. Some of these packages are clear so you can see the product directly while others are packaged in oblique plastic to hide them from view.

Either way is good and the packaging does not reflect the state of the wrappers inside. The type of packaging material you get will depend on the brand that makes these wrappers.

But once opened, you should store them in a sealed container and put them in your fridge.

What to look for when you are buying spring roll rice wrappers?

The first thing you should look for is the best-buy date or the use-by date. If it is close, you should plan on using these wrappers quickly. Also, before you buy, make sure the plastic packaging is sealed.

Then you should avoid those wrappers that are made from 100% tapioca. This version is harder to wrap around your ingredients. The best wrappers are made from 100% rice or a combination of rice and tapioca.

Also, spring roll wrappers should be transparent, thin, and round. If they are opaque, yellow, or square, then those are not rice spring roll wrappers.

Where do spring roll rice wrappers come from?

This product originated in East and Southeast Asia. The dominant country would be China, but you will find spring roll wrappers made in Vietnam and their neighboring countries.

Or you can make them yourself if you have rice flour, tapioca flour, salt, and water at your home. The difficult part of making these wrappers yourself is getting them nice and thin.

How much do spring roll rice wrappers cost?

Your cost will depend on the size of the package. For example, a 4.7-ounce package can cost you $23 while an 8-ounce package may only cost you $19. The overall price will depend on the brand as well as the quality of the spring roll wrappers inside the package.

Other brands and sizes can cost you as little as $7 or they may cost you $58. It will depend on where you buy these wrappers as well.


If you do not want to mess with the very thin rice spring roll wrappers, then you do have alternatives. You can buy Filipino lumpia wrappers, Korean seaweed wrappers, Chinese egg rolls or Wonton wrappers, and more. All of these should be at your local grocery store, Amazon, or Asian markets.

Some final words

Spring roll rice wrappers are very common in North America and other countries. That is due to the large Asian communities found in each country. You should have no problem finding some for your next Chinese or Asian-themed meal

How should I store spring roll rice wrappers?

Spring roll rice wrappers should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, use the wrappers within a few weeks and seal the remaining wrappers in an airtight container or plastic bag.

Buying original makes the flavor of your spring rolls better tasting
Buying original makes the flavor of your spring rolls better tasting