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How To Buy Tarragon (Fresh or Dried)?

To many people, buying Tarragon looks like the simple act of going to the market and picking them. You must be aware of certain things to get the best quality of these leafy green herbs. This article will guide you in understanding what Tarragon is, the types, and how to buy it. In addition, we shall be looking at the health benefits and their substitutes. Join us in exploring one of the most nutritious herbs you will ever have.

Where Tarragon Comes From and its Best Season

According to, there are two types of Tarragon: The French Tarragon, the Mexican, and the Russian Tarragon. French Tarragon is one that is commonly used in the U.S. The herb’s leaves are long and light green, and when they mature, they produce yellowish light colors. Before they are planted, they are first groomed in an herb bed. They survive well in low soil temperatures and are planted at 40 to 60 centimeters intervals. In the U.S., they are commonly found in the Northern states. The best season to enjoy fresh Tarragon is just at the end of cold seasons when harvesting is at its peak.

What To Look for When Buying Tarragon?

Whether ordering from an online platform or picking them from the market, you must know the differences between the three types. French Tarragon, which is the best, has glossier, smoother, darker leaves and is more aromantic than the Russian ones. In some places like Texas, U.S., The Mexican Tarragon grows naturally in the forests. They tend to be thinner and more bitter, unlike the natural ones that survive in hotter temperatures. The leaves must be straight when you are picking them. Please make sure you look at these factors before bagging some from the market.

Where to Buy Tarragon, Fresh or Dried?

Like any other herb, you can get Tarragon by visiting a supermarket and checking the food and herbs area, visiting open-air markets, or even ordering online. According to the Valuable Kitchen, in the following areas, you can get the best quality Tarragon:

1. Walmart

2. Amazon

3. Kroger

4. Lowe

5. Target and

6. Farmer’s markets

Farmer’s market stocks a variety of Tarragon, and you can make your choice easily. Kroger, Lowe, and Target stores have sections where you can pick not only Tarragan but also its substitute. At Amazon, you can place an order online and at Walmart supermarket.

What to Do if You Do Not Get Fresh Tarragon?

If you fail to get fresh Tarragon leaves in the market, do not worry. Several companies have invented unique ways of doing them and packaging them without losing their original value and aroma. You will probably find them stored in a refrigerated section in a food store. If you cannot get the dried ones, you can substitute them with basil, dill, or marjoram. You also have to note that if you substitute the fresh Tarragon with the dried ones or another herb, you shall be expected to make changes to your recipe.

How to Ensure that You Get the Cheapest Tarragon?

Please do not rush to buy Tarragon leaves because you have not been able to have them for a long time. You may end up falling into the hands of a manipulating seller. Take your time and visit the market and conduct a survey. There are specific days of the week when markets are open. You can use these days to buy your Tarragon in bulk. If you want to purchase online, compare the prices before you place your order. Try to find out about the attached costs such as the delivery fee.

Health Benefits of Eating Tarragon

Tarragon has various health benefits. Due to its nutritional composition, it helps in:

1. Decreasing your blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity.

2. Improves sleeping by regulating sleep patterns.

3. Improving your appetite by reducing leptin levels.

4. Relieving pain associated with conditions like Osteoarthritis.

5. Decreasing inflammation.

How to Serve Tarragon?

Due to its subtle taste, Tarragon can be served with other dishes. There are simple ways of incorporating Tarragon into your diet.

1. Can be used as a garnish in a roasted kitchen.

2. Can be added to fish. Does well with tuna and salmon.

3. Toasting it into sauces.

4. It Can be mixed with olive oil and drizzled on top of roasted vegetables.

5. Add them to scrambled or dried eggs.

How To Store Tarragon?

Whether dry or fresh, store your Tarragon in a cold and dry place. There are chances that you will find the dried ones in freezers in supermarkets. In the open-air market, they should be under sheds and sprinkled with water from time to time.

Final words

Buying tarragon is a simple process that can be done at any local grocery store or farmers’ market. When purchasing fresh tarragon, it is important to look for bright green leaves without wilting or discoloration. If you can’t find fresh tarragon, dried tarragon can be used instead, although it may not have the same flavor intensity as fresh tarragon.
It’s important to note that tarragon is a versatile herb that can be used in a variety of dishes, including sauces, soups, and salads. In addition, tarragon has health benefits and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.
Whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting out, adding tarragon to your meals is a great way to add depth and flavor to your meals. So why not pick up some tarragon on your next trip to the grocery store and start experimenting with this delicious herb?

What is the best way to use tarragon?

One of the best ways to use tarragon is to add it to sauces, dressings, and marinades, as it pairs well with vinegar and mustard. It can also be used to flavor poultry, fish, and vegetables.

To many people, buying Tarragon looks like the simple act of going to the market and picking them. You must be aware of certain things to get the best quality of these leafy green herbs.
To many people, buying Tarragon looks like the simple act of going to the market and picking them. You must be aware of certain things to get the best quality of these leafy green herbs.