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6 Items You Should Buy at the Asian Grocery Store

Asian grocery stores offer you an incredible shopping experience followed by some fantastic food dishes.

Items Buy Asian Grocery Store

Every aisle provides you a variety of foods not found anywhere else, so you will enjoy discovering and learning about one-of-a-kind foods that will allow you to cook some out-of-this-world meals.

One of the most significant benefits you will find shopping at an Asian grocery store is the price. With the difference in pricing at an Asian grocery, you will save a lot of money and make an outstanding difference to your monthly budget.

Great prices with incredible choices of new foods and new combinations of foods will make your shopping more exciting and a lot more fun.

Great prices, unique varieties, and new foods are not the only advantages of an Asian grocery store. You will also be buying high-quality foods that have not been over-processed which makes your purchases healthier.

Ethnic markets tend to pay more attention to food preparation and their products, so as a customer you are buying foods that are fresher and better quality.

It is not always easy to navigate through Asian grocery stores if you are not familiar with the words, images, or smells used in these store items. This difference in shopping; however, is easier to understand that you would think and soon you can be shopping the shelves like an expert.

These are some items to look for to help you with your next shopping adventure:

Tapioca Pearls (Boba)

Asian Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca Pearls can be used to make restaurant-style bubble tea. This item is the main ingredient in the Taiwanese tea drink that has become increasingly popular. They come in black, white, and multi-colored, but the black will produce a better tasting bubble tea.

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asian condiments sauces

Everyone uses condiments to spruce up their cooking or to add on the table for extra flavor to favorite dishes. Asian grocery stores have some of the best tasting sauces you can find to help you with both cooking or finishing your table.

Some of the more common and best tastes you will find in the condiment aisle include ponzu sauce, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, and yum yum sauce. If there is anyone in your family who suffers from food allergies, you should check labels carefully. Peanut allergies are one to be aware of when purchasing condiments from your Asian grocery store.

Shichimi togarashi is a fantastically flavorful spice blend. It is generally found in temples of Japan and is used to season noodles, rice cakes, soups or the traditional beef bowl. One food found to be exceptionally flavored with Shichimi togarashi is a fresh slice of watermelon.


Asian Nori

The western world considers Nori as a ‘seaweed.’ This product is commonly used to make sushi and is often found in a dried form. When dried, Nori makes a fantastic snack for on-the-go and is great as a substitute for chips as it is a low-carb product.


Asian Ramen Noodles

Going down the aisle in an Asian grocery store, you will find a treasure box when you see the Ramen products. These instant noodles will be the most delicious taste you’ve ever experienced. The variety of these tasty noodles is almost endless.


Asian Panko Bread Crumb

Celebrity chefs are known to use this particular, highly praised ingredient as an alternative to regular bread crumbs. The texture of the Panko has made them a popular favorite over the breadcrumbs in baked casseroles to make a crunchy topping. Panko is a pantry staple to also use in breading fried or other baked foods.

Breadcrumbs can come from any number of different pieces of bread, while Panko is only from white bread. It is created to have a light, airy and delicate texture and when cooked, it becomes crisp. Because of its texture, Panko absorbs fewer oils than breadcrumbs, so your food stays crunchy and crisp.

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Asian Potstickers

Potstickers are often thought as dumplings. They are typically made with ground meat and vegetables which are wrapped with a piece of dough.

The potstickers are either boiled, pan-fried, or steamed depending on your personal preference. You will find the potstickers in the refrigerated section of the Asian grocery store.

Bottom Line

If it is your first venture to an Asian grocery store, you might want to take an experienced shopper with you to help with some of the names and flavors.

You will soon find your way around the aisles and know which are your favorites on your own as you open up a whole new flavor to your cooking.

Can I find vegetarian or vegan products at an Asian grocery store?

Yes, many Asian grocery stores carry a variety of vegetarian and vegan products. Some common options include tofu, mock meat, and plant-based sauces and seasonings. However, be sure to read labels carefully to ensure that the products are truly vegetarian or vegan.

Asian grocery stores offer you an incredible shopping experience followed by some fantastic food dishes.
Asian grocery stores offer you an incredible shopping experience followed by some fantastic food dishes.