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Where Are Capers in the Grocery Store?

Finding capers in the grocery store can sometimes be challenging, but no worries though, for here you will read some tips that will help you!

Where are capers in the grocery store?

Capers is a tangy ingredient used in many Mediterranean dishes. They are often used to add some zestiness to relish, fish dishes, and pasta sauces.

What Are Capers?

Also known as Capparis Spinosa or the caper bush produces edible flower buds. The quality of capers depends on its size (smaller ones taste better than those which are larger).

Capers canned, available in a supermarket

When raw, capers have a bitter unsavory taste but thanks to pickling, they can are a flavorful treat. Best as nonpareils, with an intensified burst of zest and, tendency to be a bit costly. Most often put in fish dishes due to their lemony appeal, capers also make great meat garnishes as well.

Where to Locate Capers in the Grocery Store

Depending on the particular store, jarred capers can be in different locations including:

  • Capers are usually down the condiment aisle near pickles and olives
  • The next place capers might be is in the International aisle near Italian products
  • Another spot to check is where the aisle where pasta noodles and sauce are
  • Most Trader Joe’s & Target retail store locations

In Conclusion

Capers are a common item for sale at most supermarkets and grocery stores but can be also found at many health and independent natural food stores.

If there are any Italian markets nearby, there is a good chance that they will carry capers. This list of stores should definitely have a plentiful stock of capers on their shelves at all times. Now you know where are capers in the grocery store, right?

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Can I buy capers online?

Yes, you can buy capers online from various retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and specialty food websites like igourmet.com and gourmetfoodstore.com.