Where is evaporated milk in the grocery store

You don’t know where to find evaporated milk in the grocery store? So, here we provide you some valuable information!

About evaporated milk

Do you know that this item was introduced in 1885 as a way of preserving milk for oceanic voyages? At the time it was an ideal substitute for home refrigeration.

Yet small children still required calcium-rich beverages. The evaporated milk process is the same today with 60 percent of the water removed out of fresh milk. The now homogenized milk allows for lengthier shelf life and makes savory mac & cheese.

As its name suggests, evaporated milk involves an evaporation process. Yet, unlike regular pasteurized milk, evaporated is low in fat. Thus, making it an ideal coffee creamer substitute for heavy cream or half-and-half.

Available in a liquid form made with skim or whole milk whose water’s removed with gentle heat. The finished product is then sealed in individual cans and heated to kill any bacteria from milk.

What aisle is evaporated milk in the grocery store

Most local grocery stores carry evaporated milk down the baking aisle. It’s usually found near the powdered milk and sweetened condensed milk. But it is also on shelves beside the sugar depending on that particular supermarket. Make sure to read the label and verify it is actually evaporated milk.

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Popular brands of evaporated milk

Evaporated milk brands
Source: walmart.com
  • Nestle Carnation — 10 Oz Can
  • Pet — 12 Oz Can
  • Jerzee — 12 Oz Can
  • Great Value — $0.70 12 Oz Can

In conclusion

Most grocery stores carry evaporated milk on their baking aisle shelves. And thanks to the internet, it is also available on websites like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. This well-stocked item should be available anywhere which sells baking items and at local dollar stores.