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Guide To Buy Flaxseed: Where To Find In The Grocery Store & Cost

Where to Buy Flaxseed

A lot of grocery shoppers don’t know where to buy flaxseed when on the hunt for organic ingredients. If you are interested in adding more plant-based ingredients to your diet, then this guide is for you.    

Keep reading to find out where to find flaxseed in the grocery store, how to get your hands on fresh flaxseed outside of the supermarket, and where to get different forms of flaxseed for a wide variety of purposes. This is a delicious and easy-to-use ingredient that can greatly boost your health! 

Flaxseed is a wonderful natural product that can give you a boost of omega-3s and fatty acids. For centuries, people have used it both as a flavor enhancer and a home remedy for a number of health issues. It is still widely used today for the same reasons.

Where Is Flaxseed Grown? 

Where does flaxseed come from, exactly? Is it widely distributed around the U.S.? Technically, the answer is yes – because flaxseed is grown everywhere! While the origin of the flax plant is known to have sprouted up in Egypt, it is widely found pretty much everywhere. 

In the United States, flax plants are grown almost exclusively in Minnesota and North Dakota. It is pretty easy to find flaxseed in every part of the U.S., as this is a commonly distributed food item. 

What Types Of Flaxseed Are Available At The Store? 

You can buy flaxseed in many different forms: ground, whole, or oil. There are different reasons for wanting one form over another, and they each provide unique benefits.

Buy flaxseed: ground, whole or oil

Ground Flaxseed

A common way to consume flaxseed is in meal form when the seeds have been ground into a fine substance. Many people prefer flaxseeds in this form because it is the easiest way to gain the most nutritional benefits, including fiber, lignans, and omega-3 fatty acids.

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Whole Flaxseed

You can eat whole flaxseeds and enjoy their delicious benefits without having to grind them. But it’s important to chew them really well in order to receive the healthiest ingredients from them. Whole flaxseeds are not difficult to find at the supermarket.

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Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil can be used like olive oil or vegetable oil to season dishes, cook vegetables, and add omega-3 fatty acids to any dish. After it is opened, flaxseed oil should be kept in the fridge or in a dark cool place so it doesn’t spoil.

Where To Buy Flaxseed: In-Store & Online Options

Flaxseed is considered by some to be a “niche” grocery item, one that is only sought after by organic farmers and extreme health enthusiasts. However, flaxseed is more common than you’d think; in fact, there are many local and online locations where you can buy flaxseed for your pantry: 

The Supermarket

Your local grocery store is very likely to have flaxseed available. You will probably find ground flaxseed and flax oil more frequently than whole flaxseed, but you should still be able to locate all types of flaxseed without too much trouble. 

Online Markets

If you aren’t able to find flaxseed at the grocery store for whatever reason, you can always buy flaxseed online through a number of reliable sellers. Big brands like Amazon and Bob’s Red Mill are always a dependable option when looking for organic products on the Internet. 

Farmer’s Market

If your local area is surrounded by a community invested in healthy eating, you’re likely to have a farmer’s market nearby. Try visiting the local market on the weekends to find some home-grown flaxseed in a variety of forms. This is a good way to support local businesses!

Where To Find Flaxseed In The Grocery Store

If you’re set on finding flaxseed at the grocery store, here’s where you should look: 

Bulk Aisle

If your supermarket carries fresh products in bulk, you may find them next to the nuts and other grains. It is often placed beside dry cereals and other plant-based products in whole and ground form. 

Baking Aisle

If your grocery store doesn’t have a bulk aisle, try looking near the baking products. Flax is often used to bake with and will probably be found next to organic flour and baking products. 

Refrigerated Area

If you’re looking for flaxseed oil, try the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Remember that it works best when slightly chilled. 

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How Much Does Flaxseed Cost? 

The price of flaxseed can vary depending on the type of flaxseed and whether it is ground, whole, or oil. Most supermarkets and online stores offer 22-ounce bags of whole flaxseed for less than $3, with some purchases priced slightly higher.

You shouldn’t expect to pay more than $6, especially if you live in an area where flaxseed is regularly available to you. 

In Conclusion

Whether or not you have already discovered the amazing health benefits of flaxseed, you may be feeling encouraged to go down to the store and buy some right now. It is easier than ever to get your hands on whole, ground, or oil flax seed. Get tastier and healthier meals with this simple yet long-lasting purchase! 

What are the different types of flaxseed?

There are two main types of flaxseed: brown flaxseed and golden flaxseed. Brown flaxseed is the most commonly available type and has a nutty flavor. Golden flaxseed has a milder taste and is often preferred for use in baked goods.