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Where To Buy Jackfruit & Aisles & Cost – Grocery Shopper’s Guide

Where to buy Jackfruit

This grocery shopper’s guide will help you regarding where to buy jackfruit, how to find it in the store, and how much does it cost.

Find out what kinds of grocery stores you are most likely to find jackfruit in, and check out some online options that will help you get what you need in a flash. Buy this essential fruit in many different ways!

An elusive yet useful fruit, jackfruit is often used as a meat substitute in vegetarian and vegan dishes. Whether you are developing a taste for tropical fruit or you want to expand your ingredient list for future meal prep plans, you might be interested in finding fresh jackfruit near you.

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Where Does Jackfruit Come From?

What is the origin of jackfruit, and how can you get it inside the U.S.? While it may not be the most common of fruits that you would look for at the grocery store, it is still pretty easy to find no matter what part of the country you live in.

Jackfruit comes from southeast Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, and Myanmar. They are mostly imported to the U.S. because jackfruit is not widely cultivated in this country. Some places where you will find some jackfruit growing include Florida and Hawaii in the most tropical regions of the country.

The jackfruit you are looking for in your local grocery store may be imported to a certain degree.

Fresh Vs. Frozen Jackfruit: Types of Jackfruit Sold at the Store

Most people who buy jackfruit prefer to purchase it in its fresh, raw form. Others may want frozen jackfruit that is sold in bags or cans. If you are having trouble finding fresh jackfruit near you, you might have an easier time locating frozen jackfruit among the other frozen fruits at the store.

Where to Buy Jackfruit: at the Grocery Store or Online

Despite how little it’s grown around the country, you can still get your hands on some fresh jackfruit without having to look too hard for it.

Where to find jackfruit at grocery store

Are you wondering where to buy jackfruit? There are three major places where you will find some jackfruit for your kitchen:

Local Grocery Store

Your supermarket is likely to carry some jackfruit because this fruit is becoming more in demand all around the globe. Even if it is not grown right next door, it can still be found freshly imported to a grocer near you.

Farmer’s Market

Does your area have a farmer’s market on the weekends? Perhaps you meet up with neighboring towns once or twice a month to buy fresh produce and hand-crafted goods.

A farmer’s market is a great opportunity to find fresh jackfruit that really is grown near you. Plus, you are able to support your local economy!

Online Options

If you just can’t find any fresh jackfruit in stores near you, you can always buy jackfruit online. Popular grocery websites and individual jackfruit growers have online shopping systems where you can purchase fresh (or frozen) jackfruit to be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Where to Find Jackfruit in the Grocery Store

If you are in your local supermarket and on the hunt for jackfruit, here are some effective places to start your search:

Fresh Produce Aisle

Fresh jackfruit can be found wherever you would expect to find all other tropical fruits and veggies. It is usually located right next to similar fruits such as pineapples and durians.

Frozen Fruit Section

If you prefer to buy frozen chunks of jackfruit instead, you should check out one of the frozen food aisles. It is likely to be near frozen fruits and chopped veggies.

How Much Does Jackfruit Typically Cost?

Jackfruit is less common and therefore harder to obtain, which puts it at a slightly higher price point than other fruits and veggies at the store.

While it is hard to determine the average price of jackfruit in your area, you might expect to pay up to $3 per pound of the whole fruit. Frozen jackfruit is likely to be cheaper as it weighs less and can be stored for longer periods of time.

Get Local Jackfruit Today!

You can find fresh, delicious jackfruit at your local grocery store in frozen or whole form. If you happen to get stuck in a place that doesn’t sell jackfruit for miles, don’t worry!

There are plenty of online options to choose from. You can enjoy the unique flavor of jackfruit on its own or add it to a vegetarian meal for some meaty texture. Canned or fresh, it is bound to satisfy in every meal.

Where to buy a jackfruit?

You can buy jackfruit at a variety of places, depending on where you are located. Here are some common options: Local grocery stores, Asian markets, Online retailers, and Specialty food stores. The availability of jackfruit may depend on where you live and the season, but these options should give you a good starting point for finding it.