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WoodU’s Eco-Friendly Wooden Spoons: A Versatile and Sustainable Choice

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The Disposable Wooden Spoons by WoodU are a versatile and eco-friendly choice for various purposes. With their 100% natural birchwood construction, these spoons are not only safe to use but also contribute to reducing plastic waste. In this review, I will share my personal experience with these spoons and provide a conclusion based on their features.

I was initially drawn to these Disposable Wooden Spoons for their eco-friendly qualities. I have been trying to make more sustainable choices in my daily life, and these spoons seemed like a great alternative to plastic utensils. I purchased them for both crafting projects and for use in my kitchen.

In terms of crafting, these spoons have been perfect for creating puppets for my grandkids. Their small size fits perfectly in their little hands, and the smooth, splinter-free birchwood ensures safety. Additionally, I have used these spoons for spreading glue in my craft team projects, and they have been incredibly handy.

In the kitchen, these spoons have served multiple purposes. I have used them for honey samples as a beekeeper, allowing potential customers to try different varieties of honey. The spoons were just the right size for dipping and providing adequate samples. I have also utilized them for scooping out cat food from cans. The flat, straight sides of the spoons scrape out every scrap of food, and they are quiet compared to other utensils.

Versatile and Eco-Friendly Craft and Tasting Spoons

The Disposable Wooden Spoons, also known as the WoodU Mini Spoons, are a versatile and eco-friendly option for crafts and tasting. With a pack of 100 spoons, these small wooden spoons have a big impact. Whether you’re using them for crafts or for sampling various foods, these spoons are the perfect choice.Made from 100% natural birchwood, these spoons are steam-sanitized, chemical-free, and non-toxic, ensuring safety for both crafts and food sampling. By choosing these compostable birch wood spoons, you can make a positive impact on the environment by reducing plastic waste.The superior quality of these wooden utensils is evident in their smooth and splinter-free texture. These spoons are sturdy, heat-tolerant, and guaranteed to have no wood taste. Cleanup is a breeze, making them ideal for both daily use and special gatherings. As wooden cutlery gains popularity over plastic, these spoons are trusted for their durability and environmental protection.

Perfect for Honey Samples and More

One satisfied customer, who happens to be a beekeeper, bought these Disposable Wooden Spoons specifically for honey samples. These spoons are perfect for dipping and providing adequate samples to potential customers. The wooden spoons allow for a natural and authentic taste experience. This reviewer would definitely buy these spoons again for their honey sampling needs.But honey samples aren’t the only use for these wooden spoons. Another customer found these spoons handy for various purposes. They used them to make puppets for their grandkids, thanks to the perfect size for little hands. Additionally, these spoons were great for spreading glue in craft projects. The versatility and convenience of these spoons make them a valuable resource for multiple creative endeavors.

Convenient and Guilt-Free Disposal Sporks

Looking for a convenient and guilt-free disposable utensil? Look no further than the WoodU Wooden Disposable Mini Sporks. These sporks serve as a more solidified fork rather than a spoon, making them ideal for foods like chicken salad, hummus, or oatmeal. However, they may not be the best choice for thinner dairy products like milk or yogurt.This reviewer appreciates the convenience these sporks offer without the guilt. They have ordered multiple times from this company and have never been disappointed. The reliable quality of these sporks ensures a pleasant eating experience while making a positive impact on the environment.

Multi-Purpose for Cat Food Scoops and Organic Beauty Recipes

These Disposable Wooden Spoons have proven to be multi-purpose tools for a wide range of needs. One customer found them to be perfect for emptying 3oz. cat food cans. The flat, straight sides of the spoons scrape out every bit of cat food, and the edge gets under the rim of the cans without making noise. These spoons are also great for scooping ice cream and providing tastings. Their versatility makes them a valuable addition to any kitchen.Another customer discovered a non-food-related use for these spoons. They bought them to use with an organic face scrub, ensuring that their hands don’t come into direct contact with the oil. The spoons worked perfectly for this purpose, and the fact that they are good for the environment is an added bonus. This customer plans to utilize them for more beauty recipes in the future.

Sturdy and Adorable for Mini Desserts and Crafts

If you’re planning a dessert table or creating mini desserts, these Disposable Wooden Spoons are a great choice. They have been successfully used with individual tiramisu and mini crème brûlées. The spoons proved to be sturdy enough to crack through the top layer of burned sugar on the crème brûlées. While there were a few spoons that were splintered or cracked, the majority of them were of excellent quality.Another customer found these spoons to be much cuter than plastic spatulas. They were perfect for the sugar hand scrubs they make, fitting the aesthetic of their products. The eco-friendly aspect of these spoons was a definite plus for this reviewer, making them a great deal overall.

Perfect Little Extra for Gifts

Looking for a little extra to add to gifts? These Disposable Wooden Spoons are perfect for that purpose. One customer used them as a little extra with salt bath crystals presents. The spoons added a touch of charm and practicality to the gifts, making them even more special.In conclusion, the Disposable Wooden Spoons, or WoodU Mini Spoons, offer versatility, eco-friendliness, and superior quality. Whether you’re using them for crafts, food sampling, or other purposes, these spoons have proven to be reliable and convenient. With positive reviews highlighting their various uses, these spoons are definitely worth considering for your next project or event.


  • Versatile Wooden Sample Spoons: These disposable wooden spoons can be used for crafts or as tasting spoons, making them a versatile option for different purposes.
  • 100% Natural Birchwood: The spoons are made from organic and biodegradable birch wood, ensuring they are safe and chemical-free. This makes them a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to plastic utensils.
  • Earth-Friendly Choice: By choosing these wooden spoons, you can help reduce plastic waste and make a positive impact on the environment. They are compostable and contribute to a greener future.


  • Some Splintered/Cracked Spoons: While most of the spoons are sturdy and durable, there have been a few instances where some spoons were splintered or cracked, which can be inconvenient.
  • Packaging Issue: The spoons were supposed to come in a cardboard box, as shown in the listing, but some customers received them in a plastic bag instead. This can be disappointing for those who expected a more environmentally-friendly packaging option.
  • Not Ideal for Thinner Diary Products: The spoons may not be the best choice for consuming thinner dairy products like milk or yogurt, as they are more suited for solid or semi-solid foods.

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Overall, the Disposable Wooden Spoons by WoodU have exceeded my expectations. Their versatility and eco-friendly nature make them a valuable addition to any home or craft project. Whether you need them for tasting, crafting, or even serving mini desserts, these spoons deliver in terms of quality and functionality. I highly recommend them as a sustainable alternative to plastic utensils.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can these spoons be used for crafts other than making puppets?

Answer: Absolutely! These wooden spoons are versatile and can be used for various craft projects. They are great for painting, decorating, or even making little people, as one customer mentioned in a review.

Question: Are the spoons smooth and splinter-free?

Answer: Yes, the spoons are made from smooth and splinter-free birch wood. The edges are nicely finished, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience when using them.

Question: Can these spoons be used for serving mini desserts?

Answer: Yes, these spoons are perfect for serving mini desserts. They are sturdy enough to handle cracking through the top layer of burned sugar on crème brûlées, as mentioned by a customer in a review. Just be aware that there may be a few spoons in the pack that are splintered or cracked.